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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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During our research, we came across names which only appeared once.  On the 1850 census for Westernport, MD, Rueben Jinkins, age 21, is a member of the Jesse Michael and Eliza Jinkins household.  Rueben disappears from the family annals at this point.  There doesn't seem to be any record during the Civil War, either.
Thomas Jinkins was noted on the 1840 membership list as being a member of the Methodist Episcopal Chapel of Savage River.  This chapel later became the Broadwater Chapel.  Other members of the family as listed were Samuel, Eve, Elisha, Milly, Delila, Katharin (Samuel's daughter), Michael, Catharin (Elisha's daughter), and Nancy Jinkins.
The 1849 chapel record includes Elizabeth, Elisha, Emanuel, and Peter Jinkins, plus Nancy Jinkins Fazenbaker.  
Simeon Jinkins, age 13, appeared on the census of 1850 as living with George Fazenbaker and Nancy Jinkins Fazenbaker and their children.  The latest research suggests that he is Nancy's illegitimate son, born when she was 14. 
Simon Jinkins, right age and born in Maryland, ends up in Indiana in later years with the census showing no known father.  He served in Co. K, 3rd Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Inf. and was mustered out May 29, 1865.  He was described as being 5 ft. 7 in., dark eyes, with black hair.
Emanuel Jinkins registered for the draft in the Fourth Congressional District, Sub-District 12, Cumberland, July and August, 1863.  There is no record of his serving.   
If you have more information about these people, any other branch of the family tree, or photos you'd like to share, please contact us.

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