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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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Bittinger Connection

Bittinger -

Philip (d. 1815), one of six brothers, arrived in the new world from Germany 8/1747, and took the oath of allegiance to William Penn. Shortly thereafter he moved to Somerset County and married Juliana (last name not known).

Henry (7/14/1776-1852), was the son of Philip Bittinger and third of eleven children. He met Barbara Bowser in Somerset County and they were married in 1799 in Somerset County.

Peter Bittinger (7/17/1800-10/1857), son of Henry and Barbara, married 8/1827 Sarah Durst, daughter of Henry Durst* and Barbara Garlitz (granddaughter of Henry Durst, Sr., who was brother to Lightfoot John Durst).

Peter Bittinger, Jr. (12/15/1835-5/30/1909), son of Peter, Sr., m. 3/12/1861 m. Sarah Broadwater, daughter of Amos Broadwater, Sr., and Sarah Sigler.

Sarah Bittinger (1841 or 1842-early 1920's) daughter of Peter Bittinger, Jr., m. Amos Broadwater, Jr. (2/12/1843-6/11/1914), son of Amos Broadwater, Sr., and Sarah Sigler.

*First person to ride across the Stone Bridge over the Casselman River in Garrett County.

From "Generations" - Bittinger family history by
Wayne Bittinger.