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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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Durst Connection

Jinkins Family

Jinkins connection:

DURST - Name is of Swiss-German origin, being recorded August 29, 1729, when Casper Durst arrived in Philadelphia. All immigrants were required to take an oath to William Penn. On June 11, 1735, he married Maria Elizabeth Ferran, and settled in Berks County. Casper Durst II (1732-1823), was a pioneer settler of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It was said of him that "he could spring a wolf trap and jump out without being caught". (Hoye's Pioneer Families of Garrett County, 1988).

Casper Durst II married ca. 1757 Ann Elizabeth Lightfoot, and settled on Negro Mountain. At her death, he married the Widow Knoyer (no first name noted). He and Ann Lightfoot had seven children - Lightfoot John, Jacob, Henry, Susannah, Elizabeth, Christian, Casper III, and with the Widow Knoyer - Michael and Lydia.

Lightfoot John (2/6/1766-1840) married on 9/ 26/1790 Eva Margaret Glotfelty (4/12/1769-1827), daughter of Solomon Glotfelty (2/12/1736-8/13/1818) and Maria Friend. Lightfoot John and Eva had five children - Elizabeth, Solomon, Daniel, twins Jacob and Henry. Lightfoot John built "Little Thunder" grist mill on Blue Lick.

Jacob Durst (2/7/1806-4/29/1886) married ca. 1838 Elizabeth Engle (9/9/1819-2/3/1887), daughter of Adam Engle* (11/18/1791-1842) and Elizabeth Mellinger (1791-after 1856). Jacob and Elizabeth lived on a farm not far from Jennings. He served in the war of 1812 as a rifleman in the 1st Battalion, 83rd Regiment, 11th Division. Their children were Elizabeth, Alphonsus, Silas, Lydia, Emma, Asa, William, Margaret, Harriett, Jacob, Annie Mary, and Sarah. The oldest, Louisa, married William Jinkins.
One of William Jinkins and Louisa Durst Jinkins' children was Jacob Arnold Jenkins who married Mary Jane Diefenbach.

*Adam Engle, son of Clemento Engle (1747-1812) and 2nd wife, Margaret Weimer (1770-1843).

DURST - Ross connection

Elizabeth Durst (10/10/1794-8/1/1864) daughter of Lightfoot John Durst, married Solomon Sterner (8/28/1798-12/31/1851), son of Michael Sterner (Starner), a Revolutionary War Veteran. They built and operated the Casselman Hotel in Grantsville, Maryland.

Daughter Mary (3/24/1817-1/23/1862) lived with her Durst grandparents and used the surname of "Durst". She married John Custer (12/8/1808-4/20/1865), son of Emanuel Custer II. Their daughter, Catherine Custer, married Peter Stark.  Mary Catherine Stark married James Nelson Ross, one of their children being Lucinda Ross who married Frank Broadwater.
Jinkins and Broadwater
Gorman Gideon Jenkins, son of Jacob Arnold Jenkins married Grace Pearl Broadwater, daughter of Lloyd Frank Broadwater and Lucinda Ross Broadwater.