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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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Diefenbach Connection

Diefenbach -

Diefenbach - 1880 census, P. 12, Grantsville, Garrett County, #85.92, misspelled and recorded as Diffenbaugh.

Diffenbaugh, Henry W. 53 Hesse, Germany
Margaret 56 SAME
Catherine 22 MD
Barbara 20 MD
Lewis 17 MD
Mary 13 MD

Older children Margaret (born in Germany) and Elizabeth (born in Pennsylvania) were listed in 1860 census. Henry W. (6/26/1826) and Margaret Diefenbach (4/9/1824-2/28/1904) are buried in the Grantsville Cemetery.

Margaret (9/20/1853-1932) m. Andrew Jackson Stanton, Jr., (10/5/1845-3/19/1941), son of Lucy Ann Durst (daughter of Catherine Bittinger and Casper Durst III) and Andrew Jackson Stanton. Lucy Ann and Stanton married and headed "out west". They stopped their first night at a Pennsylvania inn where Stanton left to water the horses and kept going. Lucy, who was pregnant, walked home. She later married a widower, Sylvanus Butler.

Elizabeth married George Beitzel - children: William and Lucinda.

Lewis (10/12/1862-7/22/1946) m. Elizabeth Jane Bittinger (6/22/1869-9/11/1923), daughter of Solomon Bittinger and Rebecca Broadwater. Their daughter Carrie, married Jonas Beachy and their children were Mary Jane Dolan, Mildred Boonie, and Grace Bittner.

Information from Grace B. J. Long and various sources.