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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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Starke Connection

Stark, Peter

Stark(e), Peter (2/2/1829-4/1913) is listed in the 1860 census with (e), not on his headstone. His age is recorded as 33.

Listed in the Allegany County 1860 census as a farmer, having been born in Ireland.

Buried at Twin Churches, Garrett County. The headstone is a Grand Army of the Republic marker with "Co. A, 3rd MD Inf." inscribed on it. Wife Catherine Custer Stark (2/8/1834-4/22/1912) is buried at Twin Churches but stone has Katherine inscribed.

Peter's brother, Henry married Catherine's sister, Lydia Custer.

Children of Catherine and Peter Stark:

John William Stark (4/2/1857-1/31/1917)

Mary Catherine Stark (10/1861-1946) married 6/8/1878 at Barton, MD, James Nelson Ross (5/1855-3/1919), son of William Ross and Rachel Matthews. They lived at Manadeer Ridge (Maynardier Ridge), Meadow Mountain, Garrett County. They had six children - Lucinda, Charles William, Etta Pearl, Catherine Jane, John Louis, and Alice Rebecca. They are buried at Twin Churches, Garrett County.

Anna Stark married Matthew Kiddy.

Frances Stark (7/2/1876-9/19/1944) married 7/29/1895 1. Hiram Broadwater (12/12/1869-12/1897), son of Henry M. Broadwater and Sarah Olive Duckworth. Frances Stark married 5/20/1894 Phlip F. Friend.

Elizabeth Stark (9/10/1873-3/17/1938) married 1888 in Hoyes, MD, Josephus Friend (4/27/1857-11/6/1930). Daughter Maud married a Perdew. Maud's daughter, Elsie, cared for Grandmother Ross in her later years.

Rebecca Jane Stark (9/22/1866- ) married William Theophilus Wilt, son of Theophilus Wilt and Elizabeth Miller.

Charles Stark married Annie Duckworth, daughter of Alton Duckworth and Golda Wilt.

Mariah Stark (2/17/1864-10/1856) married Lewis Broadwater (6/7/1862-4/17/1953), son of Amos Broadwater, Jr., and Sarah Bittinger.

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