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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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A Brief Family History

The Loudoun County, Virginia, personal property tax papers of 1801 yielded the name of Samuel Jinkins, son of Thomas Jinkins.  They appeared together on the page for three more years.
Sometime before 1805, Samuel Jinkins moved his family from Loudoun County, Virginia, to the Savage River area of Western Maryland. His son, Elisha, was born in 1802 in Virginia while his daughter, Ann Marie, was born in 1805 in Maryland. As shown on the Allegany County census of 1810, he had another son and two daughter but their names are unknown at this time.

According to the 1810 census, one of Samuel's near neighbors was Charles Broadwater. By the 1820 census, his neighbors were Peter Wilt, Michael Wilt, George Wilt, and Charles Broadwater. Charles Broadwater married Mary Magdelene Beavers, half sister to Peter and Michael Wilt. Their mother first married Henry Wilt, and at his death, married Jacob Beavers.

After the death of Jacob Beavers, Grandmother Beavers moved to western Maryland and lived with Michael Wilt until her death. Grandmother Broadwater, Mary Piper Broadwater, also moved to the area and lived with her son, Samuel, until her death circa 1829.

Samuel Jinkins married Eva Wilt, born 1790 in Virginia (according to the 1850 Allegany County census). Her name is recorded on their daughter Elizabeth's death certificate. As of this writing, her relationship to the Wilt family is unknown. Elisha married Lesha Wilt, daughter of Peter Wilt, on December 27, 1821.

In the summer of 1830, Charles Broadwater bought some acres of the parcel known as Brant's Farm bordering on the Savage River. In December of 1830, Samuel followed his lead and bought 100 acres of Brant's Farm.   One boundary was measured as "East 73 perches from the dwelling of a certain Michael Wilt."  Another boundary was measured from the Savage River.
Michael Wilt settled at Raccoon Harbor on Monroe Run, near Big Run and their meeting with Savage River.  Therefore, Samuel Jinkins property was between Michael Wilt's property and the river.  Up to 1952, the property was described in property deeds as the Old Jenkins Farm.
Elisha also bought 100 acres of Brant's Farm in April of 1831.  That area is shown on the maps of Garrett County as Jenkins Hill.

Samuel and his family attended the Savage River Meeting House of the Methodist Episcopal Circuit, first being listed as members in 1840. The Meeting House later became the Broadwater Chapel. Listed as a member in 1840 is Thomas Jinkins who might have been Samuel's father.  Listed as members in 1848 are, among others, Emanuel Jinkins and Peter Jinkins.   Andrew Dimmitt, wife Margaret, and children Zillah (Elisha's second wife) and Civilla, attend the Mouth of Savage Meeting House, later Bloomington. 

Samuel died between the time the member listing for the chapel was made in January of 1840 and the date of the census which was June of 1840 as he is not listed.  His property is listed with his wife, Eva Wilt Jinkins. By 1850 she still has the property but is living with her son-in-law, George Fazenbaker, and  daughter, Nancy Jinkins Fazenbaker. Her daughter, Elizabeth, is listed with her. A boy of 13, Simeon Jinkins, is listed in the household of George and Nancy.
 Lesha, Elisha's wife, died 2/16/1850. On 2/11/1851, Elisha married Zillah Dimmitt, having to travel to Romney, Virginia, as that is where she was living at the time.   Both Elisha and Lesha are buried behind the Mt. Beulah Methodist Church at Twin Churches, Garrett County, in unmarked graves.

Elisha died 8/16/1856, and his son, Solomon, died before him on 7/19/1856. Daughter, Catherine, died 10/23/1856. Within two weeks of Elisha's death, daughters Rebecca, Eliza, Catherine and husband John M. Fazenbaker, Mary and husband David Wilt, and Easter and husband William W. Broadwater went to court and had Thomas Wilt, the son Lesha gave birth to before marrying Elisha, declared an equal heir in the estate. The document said it was "in consideration of the natural love and affection they bear to their half brother, Thomas Wilt, and for divers other good causes and considerations".

Elisha left no will. Thomas Wilt was appointed administrator of the estate. He presented the first account to the court and many local names appear on it - David Eichhorn, David Compton, John Warnick, P. Hammill, Uriah Duckworth.

Thomas moved his family to Gilmer County, Virginia, and William Shaw was appointed administrator. He had to make another first account and had to pay a late filing charge. This account listed Morris Winebrenner, Henry Howel, W. W. Broadwater, and included John Wilt and C. F. Shultz. The final accounting noted C. C. Livengood, Hurst L. Berry, Milley Winebrenner, and Mary Jane Jinkins.

On April 8, 1858, Zillah Dimmit Jinkins, Elisha's second wife, filed suit in Allegany Court to have the estate sold and divided into equal parts.

William, Elisha's youngest son, worked on Firm Rock Farm, Westernport, home of his sister, Eliza and husband, Jesse Michael.  He married Louisa Durst, daughter of Jacob Durst and Elizabeth Engle Durst of Grantsville.

William's children were Jacob Arnold Jenkins who married Mary Jane Diefenbach, Sarah Elizabeth Jinkins who married Samuel D. Brenneman, Rebecca Jane Jinkins who remained single, Ida Catherine Jinkins who married Lyman Galloway, Charles Hamilton Jinkins who remained single, and Ralph Keller Jenkins who married Anna Viola Stephens.

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