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Jenkins/Jinkins and Others
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Custer Connection

CUSTER (originally Kuster of Germany)

The first of the name settled in Germantown, near Philadelphia, in the late 1600's. Son Emanuel went west and settled at Mt. Nebo, Garrett County. He had eight children including Emanuel II and John. One of John's grandsons was George Armstrong Custer.

Emanuel II (1779-6/1829) m. Catherine Ringer. They had nine children - John, Adam, Jacob, Daniel, David, Samuel, Peter, Jeremiah, and Catherine.

John, son of Emanuel II and Catherine Ringer Custer, married Mary (Sterner) Durst. Their children were Ann Mary, Augustus, John, Rebecca, Sarah Jane, William Henry, Lydia, Catherine Anne, Michael, and Emmanuel.

Catherine Anne Custer married Peter Stark, and sister, Lydia Custer, married Peter's brother, Henry Stark.

Adam Custer, son of Emanuel II, m. Susan Bowman and their daughter Mary Ann Custer (5/15/1831-3/25/1911) m. John Broadwater (8/18/1830-10/27/1923), son of Amos Broadwater, Sr., and Sarah Sigler.

Another daughter of Adam and Susan Custer, Elizabeth Custer (12/14/1836-3/1888), m. Jefferson Broadwater (9/24/1835-9/18/1913), also a son of Amos Broadwater, Sr., and Sarah Sigler. Elizabeth and Jefferson's son, John (3/5/1861-3/27/1941) married Sarah Catherine Michael (9/12/1865-1940), daughter of Jesse Michael and Eliza Jinkins Michael.