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1630 Newell/Newhall

The first of the name in New England used the form of "Newhall" and was descended from Thomas Newhall who lived in County Chester in the early fifteenth century. He is believed to be descended from John deNewehall who lived in County Wiltshire about the eleventh century.

Anthony and Thomas Newhall, brothers, settled at Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. Anthony was the father of at least one son named John and probably of other children. Thomas had three known children, John, Thomas, and Susanne.

Andrew Newell was a merchant in Charlestown and originally from Bristol, England.

There were two Joseph Newells in Charlestown at the same time. The first Joseph Newell, 1651-4/25/1709, was married to Hannah who died June 1683. He married Margaret who died December 1689, at age 23. His third wife was Elizabeth. Together they had Thomas, baptized 8/20/1699, Andrew, born 3/1/1702, and David, born 9/10/1704.

The second Joseph Newell was married to Sarah Tuttle, 1656-2/1/1719, daughter of John Tuttle. Their children were Mary 5/2/1683 who died young, Joseph who was baptized 3/4/1688, John born 6/30/1689 but died young, John again, born 1/31/1692.

About 1640 Thomas Newell came from Hertfordshire, England, to Hartford, Connecticut, and then settled in Farmington about 1652. He married Rebecca Olmstead, sister of John and Richard Olmstead. Their children were Rebecca, Mary, John, Thomas, Hester, Sarah, Martin, Hannah, Samuel, and Joseph.

Abraham Newell, 50, and wife Frances, 40, sailed from the port of Ipswich, England, on the "Francis". No mention is made of their parents or original home. Their children were Faith, 14, Grace, 13, Abraham, 8, John, 5, and Isaac, 2. Jacob was born during the voyage. The family settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

"Francis" records

Abraham and other Newells