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Newells of MA, ME, NY

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Sanderson and Childs Families
Albany, NY and Foxboro, MA
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The research for the history of this branch of the Newell family was begun many years ago by Arnold Dixon, grandson of George Whitfield Newell. He traveled throughout Massachusetts talking with town clerks, checking town records, and walking through cemeteries. There were mysteries and it has taken me some years to collect the correct information.

Although there is a lot of information on the internet, some of it is incorrect. This proves the necessity of going to the source rather than relying on someone else's flawed research. There are links to official records provided throughout this history.  The  information reported in this work has been researched and reported from the original vital records of the towns. 
As a "for instance", a Rebecca Newell has shown up on the internet histories as a daughter to Abraham Newell.  The only record of her shows her being born in Massachusetts.  Someone decided out of thin air that she had to be Abraham and Frances' daughter with no proof.  The Abraham Newell family is one of the best documented families of the Colonial era.  Someone once told me that only original sources should be used to support information.  How true.

As part of the extended family of Asa's descendants, if you would like to contribute your family's story and pictures, please contact me. Doret Jenkins 

Complete family tree

The following sources are a small fraction of the resources used in researching the preceeding information. 

Robert and Elie Bowen Wheaton pedigree chart, 1609-1921;
Church Records: First Church (Dedham, Massachusetts);
Record of births, marriages and deaths, and intentions in the town of Dedham, Volumes 1 & 2, 1635-1846;
Births, marriages and deaths, 1711-1858, and intentions of marriage, Needham, Massachusetts;
History of Needham, Massachusetts, 1711-1911; by George Kuhn Clarke
Vital and Genealogical records (1600-1891), Amherst, Massachusetts, Town Clerk;
Genealogies of Hadley families; embracing the early settlers of the towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst, and Granby; Lucius M. Boltwood;
Vital Records, 1739-1891, Amherst Massachusetts, Town Clerk;
Valuation and tax lists, early (1797?-1860), Town Assessors.