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Newells of MA, ME, NY

The Newell Name
The Newell Name
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Newell - The English version of Newell means "at the new hall". Thomas de Newell was noted on the Feet of Fines, County Essex, 1201. Thomas atte Nywehall was noted in County Somerset during the reign of Edward II, 1327-1377. Johanne de Newhalle appeared on the tax rolls of Cambridge during the reign of Richard II, 1377-1399. Hugo de Neuhalle was in County York in 1379. John de Newhalle built a manor house in County Norfolk during the 16th century.

Another version is that the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin from the word "neowel", meaning profound or deep. It is probable it was bestowed on the person because of his behavior at the time when surnames were being adopted. The name is found in ancient English in various forms such as "Newel, Newewl, Neuel, Neuell, Newall, Newall, Newehall, Newhall, and Newell".

The Newells were originally of Saxon stock. The ancestors of the family probably arrived from the continent of Europe in the great Saxon migrations of the fifth century. They were early settlers in the counties of Oxford, Hereford, Wiltshire, Chester, Norfolk and Lancaster. Later they were to be found in various parts of Ireland. Many of the name were of the landed gentry of Great Britain and took part in the governing of their areas.

Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames
Charles Bardsley 1901

American Surnames
Elsdon C. Smith