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Capt. Asa Newell and Miriam White filed intent to marry December 3, 1805, in Natick, MA. 


(Natick Marriages                                                           Page 169
Moulton, Fanny H. and Elbridge Frost, s. of Moses, Apr. 3, 1845
George W. and Mary Jane Moore, int. Oct. 13, 1849
Olive Ann, d. of Joseph and Mary, a. 17, and Joseph H. Lord, s.
               of William and Martha, a. 26, Nov. 17, 1847
Mulligen, William and Eliza A. Rockwood, int. Jan 11, 1846
Mumford, Caroline of Boston, and Joseph Frost, int. Sept. 3,
Munroe, Hannah and Bela Rice, May 2, 1791
Murdock, James M. of Boston and Antoinette Adams, int.
             Oct. 2, 1842
Muzzy, Mehitable C. of Needham, and John Trull, Nov. 19,
Seth of Needham, and Jemima Trull, Apr. 15, 1834
Neale, Lewis F., s. of Silas. b. in Me., a. 21, and Caroline W.
            Clement, d. of Rufus, a. 20, Sept. 23, 1849
Martha A. of Pittston, Me., and Eliphalet B. Hutchinson, int.
            Sept. 9, 1849
Newell, Asa, Capt., and Mariam Wight of Dedham, int. Dec. 3,
Ebenezer of Dedham and Bettey Carver, int. Dec. 11, 1772
Harriot and John Heath, int. March. 27, 1814
Newhall, Francis E., s. of Lewis and Nancy S. Edes, d. of
           Abiel, Aug. 28, 1847
Newton, Meriam and Eliphelet Bayley, Feb. 28, 1782
Niar, Prince (of the Cape, int.) and Huldah Comocho (Hulday
             Chumber, int.), June 16, 1738
Nichols, Mary and Willard Morse, Jan. 28, 1839
Thomas (transient person, int.) and Patiance Ferrit (Fasit, int.),
             Dec. 17, 1766
Nimro, Cuff of Sudbury, and Alice Kent (Eless Kint, int.), Jan.
              14, 1779
Rose, late of Natick, and Duty Bay of Sherborn, Sept. 26, 1760.
              Negroes.  In Sherborn*
Norcross, Joseph F. and Sarah A. Cole of Newton, int. Mar.
            28, 1839
                                      *Intention not recorded.